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So you know how on the back of books theres like reviews from other authers or people…

Well on the book im reading one say something along the line of “BUFFY FANS WILL LOVE IT” and the one right under it says something about it being the kind of series like HARRY POTTER  and how thats a high praise. Well, Those two are like my favorite things in life but the book has some things just a bit too much the same that I’m like “Ehh..” Dont get me wrong the book is really good but somethings were too familiar, for example the like main and almost only werewolf guy’s last name is Graymark.. in harry potter theres a werewolf with the last name Greyback, and i know that sounds a little stupid and plus the two characters couldnt be any more different, but i was like, you really couldnt name your werewolf something else… 

2 years ago on May 18th | J | 1 note